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History file for 'NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator'

v 4.0 online version only Changes in version 4.0 of online unlock nokia free by imei calculator:

  • Updated with 86 new operators
  • Added 119 dct4 models
  • Recommended Box option: use the recommended Box by Nokiafree to be used in calculation
  • Added 'Model auto-select' when you input a recognised IMEI (Nokia only).
  • Added 'Nokia Expert' option. This is disabled by default!
  • Spanish language added! Any other language translations are very welcome! :D
  • 6620 / 5140 support updated.
  • Some minor English errors fixed.
  • Many minor updates.
  • Calc renamed to 'NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator'.
  • AEG models list updated.
  • Fixed an error with starting the calc on Windows 98.
  • Nokia model selecting method improved!
  • Samsung codes updated.
  • Nokia Provider list updated.
  • Fixed a bug in Stretched codes.
  • Config.inf renamed to Config.ini.
  • Nokia 6620 / 7610 support added.
  • GID1 list updated.
  • Nokia Models list updated.
  • Provider list updated.
  • LG C1200 removed (until I get the 100% correct table)!
  • Nokia DCT2/3/4 are together (easier for selecting model).
  • Panasonic A100 (Older versions) added!
  • Panasonic G50 (Newer versions) added!
  • Panasonic G51M added!
  • New Form with options added (On Top, IMEI CS, Stretch codes, Systray icon)!
  • Added colors to Freeware warning!
  • Minor Updates.
  • Maxon Calc added.
  • Help updated.
  • Provider list updated.
  • Samsung codes updated.
  • Nokia models list updated.
  • GID1 list updated.
  • AEG help added.
  • AEG models added.
  • 'IMEI checksum verification' disabled by default!
  • Many other minor updates.
  • LG C1200 help added (codes are not working yet).
  • Added AEG Calc.
  • Added ST55 New (Universal code).
  • Added ST60 (Universal code).
  • 5140 DCT type fixed!
  • 6100 (New) ASIC type fixed!
  • Added 'Box Serial' used by T-Mobile (32802)
  • Updated GID1 list.
  • Updated DCT4 models list.
  • ASIC 6 codes added! :D :D :D
  • Panasonic G51 unlock codes added.
  • 9210i DCT type fixed!
  • 6220 ASIC type fixed!
  • Entering IMEI bug fixed!
  • N-Gage QD added to models list.
  • Lock 2 bug fixed!
  • Minor Updates.
  • 'Nokia DCT4 Key' removed from list.
  • Many VB code improvements.
  • MCC+MNC selecting bug fixed.
  • Added 'Box Serial' for ASIC 6.
  • DCT3 Lock 4 and GID1 list updated.
  • LG C2100 added.
  • Added option to 'Enable/Disable IMEI Checksum' in config.inf.
  • Select of the country USA updated.
  • NEC Calc added.
  • History file added to installation (History.txt).
  • Minor updates.
  • 7650 ASIC type fixed.
  • Added 'Clear' button.
  • Added text effect in Freeware message (I hate e-bayers)!
  • Added Nokia model list with auto-select options for DCT4.
  • Help updated.
  • Samsung codes updated.
  • Fixed Vitel Calc
  • Vitel Calc now can accept 15 or 17 digit IMEI numbers!
  • Updated installation file.
  • Minor updates.
  • Press [Escape] to close the calc.
  • Fixed bug entering Network codes.
  • Added XP Controls (Windows XP Only).
  • Configuration saved to 'config.inf'.
  • Removed 6100 from Asic 7.
  • Fixed bugs in "?" button.
  • Minor updates.
  • DCT2 IMEI verification fixed!
  • Provider List updated.
  • DCT4 Key 'ONE' added!
  • Added 4 new MSIN (for DCT3 Lock 4).
  • Entering GID1 will now accept only 4 digits!
  • MSIN accepts Hex now!
  • GID1 list updated.
  • MCC+MNC accepts Hex now.
  • Minor updates.
  • Installation fixed (no need to uninstall the previous version anymore)!
  • GID1 and GID2 now only accept Hex (0-9 A-F).
  • MSIN and IMEI now only accept numbers.
  • DCT2 Lock 4 fixed.
  • Added "Always On Top" to the title bar.
  • You can move the form clicking anywhere on it.
  • Updated Provider List.
  • Added Lock 4 for Debitel.
  • DCT3 Lock 3 and Lock 4 fix.
  • Alcatel help added.
  • NEC codes added.
  • Old Alcatel 'universal codes' removed (they were fake)!
  • Minor improvements.
  • First version. Everything is new! :)

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